Our History

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The Plattduetsche Home Society has been caring for the aged since 1923. We have 80 years experience in Elder Care. It was in 1910 that the idea of building a home for “old folks”, who could no longer live alone, was conceived by Chris Ellmers and Wilhelm Neumann, two delegates of the Plattduetsche Volksfest Verein. The idea was enthusiastically adopted, and a committee appointed to develop plans. At that time, Hempstead Turnpike was only a dusty road with a trolley. The trolley operated on a slightly raised single track and ran between Queens Village and Hempstead.

In 1913, the charitable organization of the “Plattduetsche Altenheim Gesellschaft von Brooklyn und Umgegend” was started with Henry C. Bohack, President of Bohack Groceries, as President. Although these were war years, the planning and programming never stopped. The group was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York in 1913 as a not for profit organization. On January 28, 1914, Martin Renken was elected and became the Home’s next President. A Ladies Society was also formed to enhance the Resident’s quality of life.

Through Piano Contests, benefit performances by various singing societies, and donations from the Plattduetsche Volksfest, 10 acres of farmland was purchased for the present site of our “Altenheim” under the wise guidance of Martin H. Renken, owner of Renken Dairy. An additional 7 acres were purchased in 1918.


Fundraising efforts continued between 1917 and 1922. Many benefits were held, including Benefit Concerts and Bazaars by the Ladies Society, along with various Church groups. Finally in 1922 the central portion of the present building was completed at the cost of $100,000.00. 28 Residents called it their Home. The Home expanded again in 1930 and in 1973 by building the East and West Wings. 18 Unit/Enriched Housing apartments were built in 1994, and an additional 30 units were built in 2000.


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